What's New
  • 2011/08/22: Moji 1.0.3 fixes issue with html code for kanji entries in FF6.0 and removes broken installer calls from preferences.
  • 2011/01/14: jplaces dict removed. It has been merged into jpnam.
  • 2011/01/09: Moji 1.0.1 and updated dictionaries for FF4 support and some internal code cleanup
  • 2009/03/09: Moji 0.9.8 fixes missing context-menu entry in TB3. New config window layout
  • 2009/01/09: Added Japanese-Spanish dictionary.
  • 2008/08/27: Moji 0.9.6 fixes abbrevation popup window issue.
  • 2008/08/17: Moji 0.9.5 fixes dictionary selection issue in options with Firefox 3.0.
  • 2008/06/24: Moji 0.9.4 and updated dictionaries for secure updates in Firefox 3.0.

Moji means character in japanese. It is also the way japanese people will prononce the beginning of "Mozilla".

The moji project aims to help foreigners learning Japanese language to read web pages. The main goal is to add lecture guides to chinese characters (kanji) and translations. It is a Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird & SeaMonkey extension.

See also: Kanji lookup in French.

Current Moji stable version supports the following:


For Mozilla Firefox with JavaScript enabled: Just select the packages to install and click on the install button. Please be patient. It takes a few seconds until the add-ons manager shows up.

If you do not want to use the install script on this page, or you have JavaScript disabled, or you don't use Firefox to download the XPIs, or you want to install moji into Thunderbird, please use the links below to download the XPIs to your desktop and drop them into the target application.

Please also note that at least two dictionaries (one word dictionary and one kanji dictionary) are required for a fully functional installation of moji. Starting with moji 0.9 all new installed dictionaries are automatically enabled. You can reconfigure the order of the dictionaries and which ones are actually use during search in the options pane of Moji. (Menu Tools-Extensions, click on Moji and press the "Options" button). Some of the dictionaries are rather limited in the number of entries. You may consider installing the English or German dictionaries as well, as those are the most extensive ones.

Release Notes for Moji 0.9

Updating to 0.9 from 0.8.*: It is not necessary to update your dictionaries with moji although we very much encourage to update. The old dictionaries from moji 0.8 (dictionaries with version number 0.4.*) are compatible with 0.9. However, you may still consider updating your dictionaries as well. Together with 0.9 all dictionaries and a few new dictionaries have been released. Where available, the most current edict files from the sources have been integrated into the new dictionaries. Moreover, the new dictionaries have some extensions which are only utilized if you have moji 0.9 installed.

Important note for moji 0.9 on Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Moji does not include the packaged sidebar code anymore which enables the use of sidebars in Thunderbird and firefox-like sidebars in SeaMonkey. Philip Chee who wrote the code for the sidebars has published a separate extension "xSidebar". Moji 0.9 for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey now depends on this extension. To use Moji 0.9 on either platform you must install the correct xSidebar extension into your application. For Seamonkey you'll find the download of the current version at For Thunderbird xSidebar extension can be found at Please make sure to install the correct xSidebar extension. Moji 0.9 will not work without xSidebar on Thunderbird or Seamonkey.

Updating to 0.8 from 0.7.*: Due to the changes in the organization of the dictionaries we recommend to uninstall moji and all dictionaries before installing the new version. Updating the dictionaries over the existing installation may leave some unused files behind. You must update your dictionaries with the update of Moji to 0.8! Moji 0.8 does not work with dictionaries for version 0.7 (dictionaries with version numbers starting 0.1 or 0.3)! Please note, with Moji 0.8 word dictionaries do not contain kanji dictionaries any more. Kanji dictionary now live in seperate packages.

Please also note:

Automated installation

Manual installation

For Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox users experiencing problems with the form above, and users using Internet Explorer for downloading XPIs. Use the context menu (right click) to save the XPIs to your desktop or other folder. Then open the add-ons manager on your target application and drag the XPIs into the add-ons manager window.

Install moji-1.0.3.xpi (78.5 KB)

Then install at least one of the dictionaries. Word dictionaries are used when pressing the "Word" button in moji. Kanji dictionaries are used when pressing the "Kanji" button. You can install several dictionaries of each type in which case all respective dictionaries are searched. This can be useful to supplement some of the smaller word dictionaries that are not as extensive as the Japanese-English or Japanese-German ones.

LanguageWord dictionaryKanji dictionary
Japanese-English mojien-1.1.20110109.xpi (3.9 MB) mojiken-0.6.20071013.xpi (522.9 KB)
Japanese-French mojifr-0.6.20071013.xpi (408.6 KB) mojikfr-0.6.20071013.xpi (472.9 KB)
Japanese-German mojide-1.1.20110109.xpi (7.4 MB) mojikde-0.6.20071013.xpi (608.3 KB)
Japanese-Russian mojiru-0.6.20071013.xpi (156.3 KB) not available
Japanese-Korean mojikr-0.6.20071105.xpi (680.9 KB) not available
Japanese-Spanish mojies-1.1.20100415.xpi (511.9 KB) not available
Japanese names mojijpnam-1.1.20110109.xpi (7.7 MB) not applicable
Simplified Chinese-German mojiscnde-1.1.20110109.xpi (4.0 MB) not available
Chinese-German mojicnde-1.1.20110109.xpi (4.0 MB) not available
Simplified Chinese-English mojiscnen-1.1.20100415.xpi (2.7 MB) not available
Chinese-English mojicnen-1.1.20100415.xpi (2.7 MB) not available



Authors: Erwan Loisant, Gerald Vogt
Contributors: Todd Rudick, Mathieu Mangeot, Philip Chee.

MOJI: Enter the Japanese web!

For questions or comments about moji, please send a message to the moji mailing list on google.
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